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Can I have SSH or shell access?
It is our security policy to not allow anyone else SSH or shell access to our servers. This may be a mild inconvenience for some but protecting your site far outweighs it.

Do you provide free hosting accounts?
Unfortunately we do not give away free hosting.

I live outside of Canada, can I host my site with you?
Yes anyone in the world may host with us.

What would be involved in moving my domain from the existing location to your servers?
The process of moving your site over to us should be pretty simple. Once you purchase your hosting package you will be sent your Control Panel login that will allow you to set-up your email and transfer your website files up to our server.

Will there be forced advertising on my site - things like banner ads or popup ads?
No, you are paying for an account that is only yours. No one can put ads on your site except you.

What is uptime?
Uptime means as it denotes the time that your web site is up. In a perfect world where hardware never has problems we would have 100% uptime. We provide an uptime guarantee of 99%.

Why do you not offer unlimited bandwidth and space?
It is not possible for a web host to offer ‘unlimited’ bandwidth or disk space as we have not invented an unlimited hard drive or data pipe. Such hosting plans always come with clauses that restrict how much bandwidth you can transfer at a given moment, how much CPU usage you can use (which is arbitrarily decided), and so forth.